Denham Springs ATA Martial Arts Students Achieve New Ranks

On Tuesday, July 26th, over 100 students received their new ranks and midterm evaluations.  We also had 13 students move to a new Black Belt Rank.  The following people received their 1st Degree Black Belt: Carter Ayce Parms-Green, Will Dupas, Caleb Dendy, Malachi Adams, Skylar Bernard, Ryan Linton, Ethan Barnard, Alec Cronvich, Jules Dormain and Kirsti Dunn.  The following people received their 2nd Degree Black Belt: Elijah Cryer and Adam Steudlein.  Finally, Mr. Jackie Williams received his 3rd Degree Black Belt. We also awarded a few other honors.  Mr. Nick Harrington received his new instructor collar making him a Specialty Certified Instructor, one step from being fully certified. Mr. Garrett Jenkins and Sr. Master Jason Dendy received their new World Champ Uniforms.  Outstanding Students of the Cycle were awarded their Red, White and Blue Belts.  Ben Blackwell was the Outstanding Junior Student, Matteo Randazzo was the Outstanding Karate For Kid Student, and Emily Blount was the Outstanding Tiny Tiger Student.

This awards ceremony had two very special guests that helped to give out our new ranks.  Master Gerald Daigle from Lafayette and Mr. Andrew Beaujeaux from Mandeville were our special guests and we were so grateful for their presence on this special night.

Congratulations to everyone!  We are so proud of our Denham Springs ATA Martial Arts Family.

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